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The latest piece in our Si02 vessel series. 

This piece, an elongated version of our much loved Twisted Pair, stands just short of 6ft tall. Ever since we delved into the unexplored process of 3D printing in sand we had ambitions to push it to its very limits, just as we would any other craft process.

Playing on the success of our Twisted Pair and it’s figurative references we knew that a life-size version of this piece was next in line. But despite this piece being built by machine, there are always limitations, and the size and scale of this artwork generated many unknowns.

Combining the skills and knowledge of experts we were able to create our dream piece, and are proud to present it for Masterpiece Art Fair 2021. 

For enquires please contact Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Material: Sand

Dimensions: W60 x H178 x D59 cm

All Images copyright Jan Faukner