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High-end craftsmanship and quality making are at the core of our studio values, but the meaning of craft to us has always stretched far beyond the learnt techniques. It is a way of approaching an object with an understanding of the wider impact it creates, by where something is made, how and by whom.

Our approach can be defined by three things: People, Process and Place.


While creating one-off pieces, we not only push ourselves but also some of the best craftspeople in the UK. We love working collaboratively, and this provides a rich stream of inspiration within our practice which has cultivated some of our both humblest and progressive designs.


As hands-on designers and makers, we are fascinated by process, whether that be with traditional tools or the latest computer-controlled router. This, combined with in-depth knowledge of historical techniques and aesthetics, gives our designs rich narratives and contextual reference points, while continually testing the limits of craft and design.


Our design process is led by an appreciation and respect for the natural environment, and the traditional processes, materials and skills intrinsically linked within it. Everything we design embodies sustainability, through carefully considered material choices to designs that combine historical and contemporary aesthetics to ensure they’ll last a lifetime.

Images from top to bottom © SophieGerrard, Petr Krejci, Ellie Birkhead