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Gareth isn’t afraid to break perceptions of craft. His explorative nature, openness to digital technologies and wealth of traditional skill and knowledge has forged some iconic collaborations with internationally recognised partners, such as the legendary architect Zaha Hadid, luxury skincare brand Aesop and Scottish whiskey makers Glenlivet.

Every collaboration is different and this is where the dialogue at the start helps, by allowing us to understand the requirements of the project and what you hope to achieve.

Our work is emotive and personal; we carefully consider why something is made, how and from what. These decisions allow us to tell the story of a brand or setting through simple but critical choices in material and form. We work out a creative method that will bring out the best in everyone involved, before working towards a final outcome, which may be a beautifully crafted object, a collection of furniture or a two-dimensional product such as a film.

The goal and the beauty of collaboration is often coming to an unexpected result, one that neither party could have achieved without the skill or unique perspective of the other. Gareth’s collaborative experience means he knows when to step in and when to let the process play out, creating a respectful and enjoyable experience and producing distinctive and beautifully detailed results.



We welcome collaborations with brands, commercials clients and trusted manufacturers worldwide. For a consultation or to discuss any initial ideas please email us at to arrange a meeting.



“It was a joy from start to finish – he approached the commission with such vigour and imagination and helped us release something much more dynamic and contemporary than we’d hoped for. And, of course the attention to detail on selected materials and the craftsmanship were impeccable.”

– Sara Jenson, Button Collective (commissioning partner of The Dram Chair for Glenlivet)



The Dram Chair created for The Glenlivet. Made from English oak, oak bark-tanned leather with copper detailing.

Tasked with designing a chair to launch Nàdurra, a connoisseur whisky by The Glenlivet, it seemed critical to us to ensure the chair took inspiration from the whisky with its materials but not necessarily in its form. We were keen to create a design that when viewed had the ability to take your imagination to a place of relaxation beside a wild river, leaping with salmon, in the highlands of Scotland. The Dram chair’s narrative is that of a luxury camping chair with hand-crafted slung oak tanned leather and English oak capturing the spirit of the brand.


Retail interior and furniture collection for Aesop

When David Paphitis, the founder of Aesop was looking to open the third store in Shoreditch, they were keen to work with local artisans and designers who shared an ethos that complimented their brand and could assist with the brand’s awareness within the east end. We designed and built the overall look of the store with rough cut lumber shelving and used our CNC cut and groove technique to create the point of sale in what was an unassuming building on Red Church Street. Through careful choices in technique, form and materiality we told Aesop’s story through a physical expression, creating a connection to the locale with tactile but durable design.


A series of sofa’s made in collaboration with Folk and SCP 

The project brought together Gareth and two British companies with a reputation for understated elegance, high-quality manufacturing and idiosyncratic style. This collaboration sought to explore the possibilities and limitations of cyclic manufacturing, the potential of sharing materials, and the need for greater permanence in what we produce. Born from a conversation between Folk founder Cathal, and Gareth about utilising the excess fabric that is a natural part of the production of clothes. They approached Sheridan Coakley, the founder of SCP, with a specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk to discuss the idea.

The result is a furniture collection designed by Gareth fully upholstered in remnant Folk fabric. Further exploring enduring design principles Folk specially designed a multipurpose removable bag, using surplus leather from SCP’s factory.

The collection is available to purchase at SCP and Folk in a range of colour combinations.


Shop interior for Universal Works Store at Coal Drops Yard, King Cross

With collaboration a core stream of our practice, it was a pleasure to create these monumental red cedar blocks with Studio MUTT for the new Universal Works Store at Coal Drops Yard. As this Heatherwick designed complex was constructed, we had a long lead time allowing us to do something special, milling and drying these huge sections of English Cedar. The material choice was essential to the success of this design, and the paired-back modular design was thoughtfully created to form a striking centre-piece in the store.


Every commission begins with a conversation. We are a friendly professional team who enjoy each step of the commissioning process, working together to create unique and highly-crafted works that reflect their surroundings. To share your ideas with us or get in touch please email

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