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The Glenlivet

Dram Chair

English oak; oak bark-tanned leather; copper detailing


Width: 83.5cm / 32.87 inches
Depth: 52cm / 20.47 inches
Height: 81.5cm / 32.09 inches


Tasked with designing a chair to launch Nàdurra, a connoisseur whisky by The Glenlivet, it seemed critical to us to ensure the chair took inspiration from the whisky with its materials but not necessarily in its form. We were keen to create a design that when viewed had the ability to take your imagination to a place of relaxation beside a salmon filled river in the highlands of Scotland. The Dram chair’s narrative is that of a luxury camping chair with hand-crafted slung oak tanned leather and English oak capturing the spirit of the brand, whisky crafted in small batches using traditional techniques.
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