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Block 1 at Material: Wood – Art & Design

We were thrilled to be invited to exhibit again in Material: Wood – Art & Design at Messums Wiltshire, this time with Block 1 Colonnade. Since restoring the original timber structure and thatched roof of a 13th-century monastic barn, Messums Wiltshire has become a platform for a wide variety of art forms, from contemporary dance to clay and ceramics. Each year the wooden building becomes the perfect setting to showcase designers and makers pushing the boundaries of this material and craft. The programme is threefold, comprised of the exhibition, festival and hands-on making experiences and is open from  8th August to 9th September.

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Are David Pye’s definitions of craft still relevant today?

Gareth’s written piece reappraising David Pye’s definitions 50 years on, is in the May/June Issue of Crafts Magazine. Pye’s seminal texts have been influential to the discipline of Design and Craft, but also the studio’s research into digital craft.  The Studio usually explores Pye’s ideas of ‘certainty’ and ‘risk’ through making. As a Craftsman practising in the digital age, it was exciting to commit our ideas and discoveries to paper, and contribute to the conversation. This Issue of Crafts is also the last with Grant Gibson as Editor of the magazine, a prominent writer, editor and curator, Grant has been very supportive of our work over the years, so it feels particularly special to be in this issue.

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