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Gareth Neal at the Carpenters Hall: The Commission

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London Craftweek 2017 Guide is launched! Please join us on Thursday May 4th at the Carpenters Hall where Gareth will be giving a talk alongside gallerist Sarah Myerscough about commissions and collaborative design. The award-winning VES-EL piece created with Zaha Hadid Architects will be the focus of the discussion.


Tickets can be purchased here


Carpenters Hall
1 Throgmorton Avenue

Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital


The exhibition Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital presented at the MAAS in Australia is a fantastic show exploring the role of digital fabrication within contemporary design, architecture, fashion and science. We are proud to have our Louis Table featured amongst other internationally renowned designers and makers. This stunning show can be viewed until the 25th of June, 2017.


Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

handiCRAFT: Traditional skills in the Digital Age


The George chest of drawers was featured in this fantastic exhibition put together by the MAK in vienna. The exhibition handiCRAFT: Traditional skills in the Digital Age focuses on the status of contemporary craft in today’s digital world.


Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Salone del Mobile 2017

SAT_FdV_900_01We are pleased to be a part of Salone del Mobile 2017 with the exhibtion 20 years Salone Satellite, Planets and Stars of New Creativity presented at the Fabbrica del Vapore. Curated by Beppe Finessi, the exhibition showcases a specially selected collection of pieces presented over the twenty editions of Salone Satellite. The George chest of drawers and Anne Table will be featured in the publication.


20 years Salone Satellite: Planets and Stars of new creativity, Milan, Fabbrica del Vapore, 4th-25th of April 2017


Here’s a little blast from the past:

British Design Days Almaty

In September of 2015, we were invited by the British Council to kickstart a programme of talks and workshops in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty lies on the South Eastern tip of Kazakhstan, close to the borders of China and Kyrgyzstan.  There is an increasing interest in fostering a local design scene in Kazakhstan, however, designers face major challenges, including lack of industry infrastructure and access to suppliers and producers to enable them to make and sell products. It was a fantastic trip, an insight into a new land and it’s people, culture and traditions.



Design Days Dubai: Tanween Workshop


We were delighted to participate in this fascinating design workshop by Tashkeel, a contemporary art organisation based in Dubai committed to facilitating art and design practice, creative experimentation and cross-cultural dialogue. The Tanween programme is an intensive development workshop for innovative emerging designer working from the UAE. Each design lab is a fertile ground where participants develop skills with the guidance and collaboration with the guest lead mentors.


Photograph by Salim Ahmed

Heal’s Bodge

Heals Bodge 2 Heals Bodge 3


In April 2014, Gareth and five other renowned furniture designers, Chris Eckersley, William Warren, Sarah Kay, Carl Clerkin and Koji Katsuragi were reunited after their original Bodging Project from 2012 in the famous Tottenham Court Road shop window of Heal’s for a week of creative exploration. In a race against time, using a range of offcuts from Ercol and Sitting Firm, they set about crafting objects of beauty and desire.  Press and customers were then invited to vote for their favourite design, and Gareth was delighted to have won ! The beautiful Heal’s Chair that came from this experiment is a true testament to our process of making. As a collective, we always believed that pressure, competition and intuitive making could result in great outcomes. This time we feel it worked, with every component in either compression or tension as this simple leather slung chair stylishly slips into the contemporary world.


The Heal’s Chair is made of oak and leather sling, and a fabricated and manufactured in Italy.

Bodging Milano

Bodging Milano 1

The Bodging Project was an exhibition of exploratory furniture design, from renowned designers who have participated in woodland workshops to challenge their established practices and reconnect head with hand. We designed and curated the exhibition shown at the Milan Salone in 2010 with award-winning furniture designer and Bodging Project founder Chris Eckersley. The outcome was this elegant greenwood love seat which is now part of the Shipley Art Gallery permanent furniture collection.

In Pursuit of Carbon Negative





“Too many products today profess to be carbon neutral. The challenge I set myself is to expend less CO2 between the ‘felling to the selling’ of the furniture than would otherwise be absorbed during the tree’s lifecycle.”


In the Winter of 2012, two Ash trees were felled in a woodland in Herefordshire. Between the 19th and 29th of August, a group of students and Gareth cycled to the woodland from London, living a low-impact Carbon lifestyle by eating local produce, sleeping outdoors, and not using any electricity. The goal of Carbon Negativity may be an unobtainable dream but whatever carbon was used during this 10 day experiment was recorded and a lifecycle analysis on the products was performed. We attempted to demonstrate the potential for Carbon Negative furniture production in the 21st century by:


Manufacturing a product in the same location as the materials are grown, using only man power, horse power, and a drop or two of diesel
Questioning whether a product can remove more Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere than released in its construction; through assessing the Carbon emissions of equipment, lifestyle and transport
Promoting the notion of locality and sustainable production through exhibitions and distribution