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‘The use of tools is one of the earliest defining moments in the history of humankind. In fact, it is arguably the very thing that makes us human.’ It was a pleasure to be invited to reflect on our tool kit and what is vital to our making process for Hole & Corner’s beautiful new book, The Story of Tools. 

TASHKEEL: Tanween Design Programme 2019


We are delighted to mentor on the brilliant Tanween Design Programme again this weekend with a 3 day Lab session. Each year, over 9 months, four practitioners are selected to embark on a journey of experimentation and learning, guided by experts from the industry to develop products that marry their distinctive style with a UAE design aesthetic. The final pieces will receive a worldwide limited-edition release at Dubai Design Week 2019.




We are very excited to share this film that delves into the making processes behind the Hack Chair and reveals Gareths conceptually rigorous research into digital crafting techniques. The film will also be shown in full for the first time at Collect 2019.


As ever,  Collect Talks has a great line up and we thrilled to be part of it this year.  Sarah Myerscough will be mediating a cross-generational dialogue between Gareth and John Makepeace, discussing how design can be enhanced by the partnership between the traditional chisel, and contemporary robotics. Scheduled for Friday 1st March, 3 pm, at the Saatchi Gallery.


Revealing the thinking and making processes behind the second hack chair, Gareth furthers the discourse on the boundaries between the hand and machine-made, considering the evolution of Craft in a digital age. The insightful short film will be shown alongside the chair for the first time during Collect.



VES-EL, the collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Gareth, is in San Francisco this weekend.  Exhibited with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery at the FOG Design and Art Fair.  The prestigious fair celebrates today’s most significant creatives and leading contributors to the worlds of design and visual arts. Open 17th – 20th January.

London Design Festival: Gareth Neal x Folk x SCP launch collaboration

Working in collaboration SCP and Folk clothing, we designed a collection of furniture launching as part of the London Design Festival 2018 and Shoreditch Design Triangle. Utilising some of the excess fabric that is a natural part of the production of clothes, the project seeks to explore the possibilities and limitations of cyclic manufacturing, the potential of sharing materials and the need for greater permanence in what we produce. From 15th – 23rd September, elements of the collection in multiple styles and colourways, will be showcased across two locations in the heart of East London. ln, a specially designed space at the Folk Redchurch Street Store and at the SCP Store.




The Hack Chair, Gareths latest work exploring the interface between digital fabrication and traditional craft techniques, will be exhibited at the London’s Pavilion of Art and Design with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery. The prestigious fair showcasing 20th Century Art, Design and Decorative Arts is running from the 1st of October to the 7th of October, in Mayfair.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery  – Booth A6
Pavillion of Art + Design London 2018
Berkeley Square, London W1

Block 1 at Material: Wood – Art & Design

We were thrilled to be invited to exhibit again in Material: Wood – Art & Design at Messums Wiltshire, this time with Block 1 Colonnade. Since restoring the original timber structure and thatched roof of a 13th-century monastic barn, Messums Wiltshire has become a platform for a wide variety of art forms, from contemporary dance to clay and ceramics. Each year the wooden building becomes the perfect setting to showcase designers and makers pushing the boundaries of this material and craft. The programme is threefold, comprised of the exhibition, festival and hands-on making experiences and is open from  8th August to 9th September.

Are David Pye’s definitions of craft still relevant today?

Gareth’s written piece reappraising David Pye’s definitions 50 years on, is in the May/June Issue of Crafts Magazine. Pye’s seminal texts have been influential to the discipline of Design and Craft, but also the studio’s research into digital craft.  The Studio usually explores Pye’s ideas of ‘certainty’ and ‘risk’ through making. As a Craftsman practising in the digital age, it was exciting to commit our ideas and discoveries to paper, and contribute to the conversation. This Issue of Crafts is also the last with Grant Gibson as Editor of the magazine, a prominent writer, editor and curator, Grant has been very supportive of our work over the years, so it feels particularly special to be in this issue.